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Step into The Carriage House, a culinary haven where history, hospitality, and innovation converge. Dating back to the 1700s, our pre-Revolutionary War farmhouse has evolved into a restaurant, changing ownership yet preserving its local charm. Our mission is to build a vibrant community hub, seamlessly blending culinary excellence with a curated selection of craft beers. Our vision unfolds in every dish and brew, creating an inviting space where stories are told through flavors. At the heart of our warm and welcoming atmosphere is a dedicated serving staff, ensuring your experience is delightful and memorable. Behind the scenes, our chefs bring decades of combined expertise, passionately perfecting their craft and orchestrating a symphony of tastes. The Carriage House invites you on a journey, where every bite and sip is a celebration of history, community, and the artistry of exceptional dining.



At The Carriage House, our mission is to cultivate a community-centric space. Through delectable dishes and craft beers, we aim to create a gathering place where neighbors become friends and families bond over flavorful experiences.


Our vision at The Carriage House is a seamless fusion of culinary excellence and craft beers. Join us for an inviting experience where flavor meets innovation in every dish and brew.



Established in the 1700s as a pre-Revolutionary War farm and farmhouse, The Carriage House transformed into a restaurant about a century ago. Under recent ownership, it preserves its rich legacy as a beloved local institution, embodying history and culinary excellence for the community's continued enjoyment.


Our serving staff at The Carriage House is the heart of hospitality, dedicated to providing an exceptional dining experience. With warm smiles and expert knowledge, they elevate your visit, ensuring every moment is as delightful as our cuisine. Cheers to them.

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Our chefs bring decades of collective experience, displaying unwavering commitment and dedication to perfecting their craft. With culinary expertise, they orchestrate a symphony of flavors, delivering an unparalleled dining experience that reflects their passion and skill.

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